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Driving Ban Reduction Calculator

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Simply enter your court date and ban length in the boxes below and we will tell you how soon you can drive and which date you will need to complete your full course by.

To qualify for the shorter ban, you must have attended the entire course by no later than the completion date quoted in your court referral letter.

Course dates are subject to availability so book your place in good time to complete it before the deadline imposed by the court.

You may even qualify for a concession or early booking discount in some regions.

Reduction Length

Disqualification End Date (No Reduction)

Disqualification End Date (With Course Reduction)

Course to be Completed By

We are UK-wide, there’s always a course near you

Four things to remember when preparing for court


You or your solicitor must ask the court to refer you to a drink driving course at your hearing.


You must ask for the course at your court hearing. You can’t make up your mind later.


Once you nominate TTC as your course provider, we’ll send instructions on how to book.


You must book and complete the course in good time to get your ban reduced.

What’s in it for you

TTC Icons 59 Legal Police Legislation Conviction (alt)

Proven to reduce the likelihood of reoffending

TTC Icons 14 Driving Licence (alt)

Cut your ban by up to 25% & get your licence back sooner

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Training delivered online or at venues local to you

TTC Icons 61 Money Cost Saving Piggy (alt)

Helps to avoid increased insurance costs

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