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Web Design with Dynamic Features to Drive Action in Texas Public-Education

Web Design for Raise Your Hand Texas by WEBii

This education-focused non-profit organization was seeking a refreshed website with optimized performance, better mobile responsiveness, and new interactive features. They preferred to move away from webpage editing tools that were limiting and inconsistent. Through the evolution of their advocacy initiatives and marketing review, they realized opportunities for better website content organization and goals for increased visitor engagement.

Our collaborative work with Raise Your Hand Texas included refreshing the web design, updating the website development that integrates with modern WordPress tools, and reorganizing the sitemap and content structure.

WEBii’s custom web development team helped to create several new features that relate to the organization’s goals for community and policymaker engagement.

An interactive Texas map allows citizens to locate their local region and pinpoint their Regional Advocacy Director. When clicking on a particular pin, the user is able to learn more about their local RAD, bringing them one step closer to the possibility of getting involved as a local advocate.

An events section of the website integrates with a third-party platform to automatically display upcoming events and provide links to register. The event data is saved to the WordPress database with some required and optional fields, so it is can serve as evergreen content or post-event recap content even after the external platform’s event registration expires. Administrators can choose particular events to feature and promote.

The Who Represents Me? search tool provides visitors with a one-stop resource to locate their local representatives for Texas public education. This feature integrates with external API’s to feed contact information for Texas Senate, Texas House, and Texas State Board of Education officials, as well as the organization’s own Regional Advocacy Directors from a custom database. Based on address, the system is able to match the visitor to their appropriate House District and display a results page listing the photo, name, and contact details for their local officials and school district.

Texas Interactive Map from RYHT Project

Feature Highlights: