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Driver eLearning

Continuum eLearning is automatically timed and tailored to each driver using insight from their personal risk assessment

Timed and targeted bite-size training packages

The great thing about TTC’s eLearning is the way it is cleverly targeted to drive down a driver’s personal risk.

After a simple 10-minute online assessment, the Continuum platform automatically selects the best educational content and serves it up at the right time to improve skills and develop safer behaviours on the road.

We’ve put all our skill and expertise into developing a broad range of engaging modules and videos covering important aspects of road safety and awareness and seasonal content.

Most modules take around 15 minutes to complete and can be completed anywhere a driver logs into Continuum. Results are tracked by Continuum and used to dynamically revise the ‘risk’ score in the driver’s record.

Tell us about your training requirements.

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Our eLearning Modules

Hazard Awareness
15 min elearning Identifying hazards

Effective Speed Management
15 min elearning Maintaining safe speed and control

Eco-Safe Driving
15 min elearning – Reducing fuel consumption in petrol/diesel 

Speed Limit Recognition
15 min elearning Identifying speed limits for all vehicle categories and environments

Impairment through Drugs and Alcohol
15 min elearning Dealing with the effects of drink and drugs, units of alcohol, recreational & prescribed drugs

Smart Motorways
15 min elearning – staying safe when using Smart Motorways

Visual Scanning
15 min elearning How to visually scan the road ahead and all around

Defensive Road Positioning
15 min elearning of maintaining safe space and positioning

Safe Following Distance
15 min elearning Safe following distance in dry, wet and snow, benefits of.

Rear End Protection
15 min elearning Reducing the risk of being hit in rear by third party

In-Vehicle Distactions
15 min elearning In-vehicle distraction from phone to sat nav, phone conversions

Parking & Manoeuvring
15 min elearning How to park and safely manoeuvre and where best to park to avoid damage

Dynamic Risk Assessment
15 min elearning Delivery drivers assessing risk around the delivery address, how to park and personal safety

Driver Distractions
15 min elearning Legality around using mobile phones, penalties and dangers

Electric Vehicle Familiarisation
30 min elearning – introducing EV’s to drivers who are new to driving an EV.  For businesses transitioning fleets to EV’s, explaining charging, dispelling myths of running out of charge, regen braking and how to use the settings correctly, greater awareness for vulnerable road users

So You Think You Know Your EV? Challenge
20 min elearning – aimed at experienced EV drivers. Gamification is used to take the driver on a journey and how best to maintain safety while extending the range by considering which settings for regen and performance to use in varying environments and conditions.

Mini module – videos

These are all 1-3 minutes

Young Drivers
Wellbeing & Mobility
Limited Driving Experience
High Mileage
Coping with Stress on the Road
Why Speed?
Night Driving
Handheld Phone Distractions
Handsfree Phone Distractions
High Risk Drivers
Unfamiliar Vehicles

The Penalties of Points
Carrying Goods and Equipment in Cars
Carrying Goods and Equipment in Vans
Private vs Company Vehicles
FLOWER – Pre-Journey Check (Petrol/Diesel)
Pre-Journey Check (EV)
Safe Following Distance
Tyres and Tarmac
Slow to Flow
Creep and Peep
SLOW Road Markings
Bends Limit Point
The Morning After

Motorway Breakdowns
Road Markings
A Light Right Foot
Mirrors and Blindspots
See and Be Seen
Winter Driving Tips
Are Your Eyes Fit to Drive
Safer Van Driving
Hierarchy of Road Users

What you’ll need

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Our eLearning programme is taken online via the Continuum platform and can be accessed 24 /7.

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To take part, you’ll need a TTC Continuum account and have completed an online risk assessment.

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Content can be viewed on any device with speakers or headphones and a stable internet connection.

Benefits of TTC eLearning

Reduce your drivers’ risks

Education helps reduce driver risk, collision rates, fleet costs and reputational damage. The market-leading algorithm within Continuum assesses each driver’s personal risk and determines exactly which eLearning modules should be delivered.

Meet your duty of care

Our modules and videos are designed to help you meet your duty of care obligations. Each completed module is recorded in perpetuity against the driver’s profile and used to recalculate their risk score, providing ongoing proof for audits and investigations.

Improve your drivers’ on-road competence and knowledge

All our education programmes use a range of varied and engaging techniques to maximise understanding, retention and change behaviours. These include assessed interactive modules, risk perception videos and mini refresher videos.  Our philosophy is to provide short bursts of information to help retention.

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Concerned about driver risk in your business? Talk to us about reducing your exposure and safeguarding more than just your duty of care.

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