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Meet Our Trainers: Real Stories, Real Passion

Embarking on a career as a Trainer is an exciting journey, but it’s also one filled with questions and considerations. That’s why we’ve gathered testimonials from some of our remarkable trainers. Through their stories, they offer insights into their experiences thus far and shed light on what sets TTC apart as an exceptional workplace. Whether you’re contemplating your path as a trainer or seeking a fulfilling professional environment, let their voices guide you through the possibilities that await at TTC.

Episode 1 – Tommy Sandhu

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The chance to work with varied clients

Exclusive membership of our Trainer Academy

When you join TTC as a trainer you’ll automatically be part of our TTC Trainer Academy. The Academy lets you access a range of great free learning events for your continuing professional development (CPD). Plus, you’ll be invited to quarterly meetings where you will find out the latest developments and get to meet local like-minded trainers.

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Join a diverse and inclusive team

Our clients and course attendees are a thoroughly representative group and we want our trainers to be just as diverse. As an inclusive employer we are totally committed to equal opportunities whatever your background or characteristics. We value your experience and unique perspectives.
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