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Welsh Language Services

Our key Welsh services include:

  • TTC offer all courses in Welsh language for the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme
  • TTC recruit Welsh speaking Trainers who deliver courses on their behalf
  • TTC communicate with clients in Welsh when clients indicate this is their preferred language of choice
  • Clients can make bookings for Welsh courses on the phone in Welsh and online in Welsh
  • TTC’s Police website pages are bilingual in that the client can choose to view the pages in either Welsh or English, by selecting their language of choice on the Police page using the country selector with flag image.
YouTube video

AT TTC we have invested in course literature and promotional content to ensure that anyone seeking to engage with TTC can do so seamlessly in the Welsh language.  

This example video is an animated promotional video highlighting the benefits of the National Speed Awareness Course (NSAC).  We provide both English and Welsh versions of the course page, including this dedicated Welsh language video.

“At TTC, we take pride in our commitment to the Welsh Language and the services we offer in Welsh.

We have been entrusted by various Police Forces to deliver NDORS courses to members of the public and this includes in some areas of Wales where we recognise the statutory requirement that this brings. Successful delivery of these services is very important to us.

Although an English based company located just across the border in Shropshire, it remains an integral part of TTC’s core values and client offering that we appropriately serve the communities in which we operate and through our panel of Welsh speaking trainers and our I.T. systems we are able to both communicate and offer courses in the Welsh language, giving our clients the right opportunity for them.”

Jim Kirkwood, CEO, TTC Group

Jim Kirkwood