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CPC Modular course: Driver Safety Awareness

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About the module

Topics include:

  • Factors affecting professional driver safety
  • COAST principles of defensive driving
  • Safer and fuel-efficient driving
  • Hazard perception
  • Bridge strikes
  • Environmental factors

Duration: 3.5 hours

Format: Classroom or online

Suitable for: All professional licences (C1, D1 C1E, D1E C, D CE & DE)

DVSA CPC syllabus areas:
1.3 Ability to optimise fuel consumption
1.3.a Ability to anticipate, assess and adapt to risks in traffic
2.1 To know the social environment of road transport and the rules governing it
3.1 To make drivers aware of the risks of the road and of accidents at work
3.6 Ability to adopt behaviour to help enhance the image of the company

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Understand the causes of driver impairment

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Explore the consequences of traffic collisions

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Learn 5 effective defensive driving principles

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Identifying hazards in different environments

Driver Safety Awareness explores the impact of fatigue, distractions, impairment, hazards, speed and shares advice on safe driving techniques. Our experienced driver trainers fully engage with participants to maximise the learning experience and draw out their views and opinions.

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Your questions answered

Who should attend?

Any professional driver who needs to complete 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years in order to maintain their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

Delivery method

This module can be delivered online or in-person and facilitated by an experienced Driver CPC trainer.  

For pay-per-place courses, Driver Safety Awareness is delivered with the Driver Health and Wellbeing module as a 7-hour online course.

For private courses, this module can be delivered online or in-person alongside any other TTC Driver CPC module.

Need help joining an online course through Zoom?

TTC has experience of delivering online courses through Zoom to hundreds of thousands of drivers each year. We have used this experience to make the process of joining an online course with TTC as simple as possible. 

TTC highly recommends that you take 15-minutes to test your equipment and make sure that you have the Zoom app installed, and working with your microphone and camera. Please visit our Zoom Technical Support page for a user-friendly guide to help make sure you get the most our of your online course with TTC.

Learning outcomes

Following this module drivers will understand:

  • The causes of driver impairment and performance
  • The consequences of being involved in a collision
  • The application of COAST (Concentration,Observation, Anticipation, Space and Time)
  • The benefits of fuel-efficient driving
  • Hazards and driving in different environment
  • The impact of marginal speeding

Identification requirements

A photocard driving licence and Driver Qualification Card must be presented when attending the course.

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Talk to us about your Driver CPC training requirements and see how TTC can help.

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