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Continuum for drivers

Helping drivers stay safe and on the road with practical on the go tools and training which fits perfectly into their working day

The power of Continuum on the go

No more phone calls chasing you for information. Continuum stores all your documents, even your Driver CPC training records, and checks them automatically; letting you know in good time if they’re close to expiring.

No more long, inconvenient, repetitive training. With a quick risk profile taking around 10 minutes, Continuum works out your greatest driving risks and sends the training you need in enjoyable online chunks, which you can do on your smartphone.

From your personal TTC Continuum account you can view your risk profile, check your outstanding tasks, submit eDeclarations, upload documents and complete bite-size learning on-the-go.

Our digital driving licence scanning technology lets you securely scan your licence details in seconds for 100% accurate verification checks.

A smartphone app gives you access on the go and includes extra features, like paperless vehicle condition-checks for sharing defect and damage information without going into the office.

Even better, if you choose to allow permissions, the app’s built-in telematics can simplify expense claims and track your acceleration, braking and cornering style in real-time.

Benefits of Continuum for drivers

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Save time on document uploads.
Easily and securely scan, share and upload licence, vehicle and insurance documents to verify your legality to drive at work quickly.

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Understand your personal driving risks.
Take an online assessment and discover your unique driving profile, where you’re taking risks and how to reduce them.

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Get home safely and on time.
Access bite-size eLearning to improve knowledge, awareness and reduce your personal risks, without having to go into an office.

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Easily report vehicle defects and damage.
Accurately check your vehicle with guided walk round checks. The app will tell you what to look for and lets you send images.

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Submit mileage expenses in a click.
Allow optional permissions in the app to accurately track journeys and submit daily, weekly or monthly expense claims in a click of a button.

Get up close and personal with our amazing Continuum platform and have a guided tour. We think you’ll be blown away.

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Key driver benefits of Continuum in detail

Quick and easy licence scan technology

It’s never been easier to share your licence details securely thanks to Continuum’s built-in digital Licence Scan software. It’s secure, simple, fast and accurate and all you need is a smartphone, tablet or a webcam. The technology captures and stores all key data for automatic verification with the DVLA (DVA in Northern Ireland) and also identifies non-UK driving licences. Continuum also makes it easy to upload, share and store key compliance documentation such as insurance documents, MOT certificates and road fund licence details. With complete data security.

Easy access online learning that takes no more than 15 minutes

Once you’ve done your risk assessment, Continuum will send you short online training modules and videos linked to your personal profile. You can do these on your mobile, a tablet or a desktop so there’s no need to go into an office or take unnecessary time out of your busy day. Drivers can access a new eLearning module every three months with each module taking no more than 15 minutes. Additionally, drivers can get up to one mini video module a month, taking on average two minutes to view. There’s a learning assessment for each eLearning module, which can help improve your risk profile.

Don’t take risks with dangerous vehicles

Around 85% of roadworthiness fines could have been avoided with a walkaround check. Make sure you don’t drive an illegal vehicle by using the app to carry out walk around checks and instantly submit images of any defects. You can also use it to record damage after a collision. The law can change, so the app also provides handy up-to-date information on the rules in case you’re not sure exactly what to look for, for example the right tyre tread depth. All the data is stored in Continuum.

Stay work-ready with an approved Permit to Drive

You can easily prove you’ve met the company policy with a Continuum Permit to Drive. View the criteria in your Continuum dashboard, upload the right documents for verification and carry out any necessary training to keep it up to date. As soon as the conditions are met, Continuum is pre-authorised to grant your permission instantly. There’s no need to wait. The system will remind you if an essential document is coming up for renewal, or you need to carry out some more CPC training. It pays to act on the reminders as Continuum will automatically revoke your permit if something’s overdue.

Easily track and verify expenses

The Continuum app reduces the admin burden of managing business travel expenses for both drivers and managers. It can track journeys as either work-related or personal making it easier to verify and approve expenses, letting drivers easily submit accurate daily, weekly and monthly expense reports at the press of a button in the app or their web-based dashboard. For managers, this provides enhanced big picture and individual journey and expense management information which improves the robustness of expenses, and the information can also be used to inform vehicle maintenance intervals

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