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Driver licence checks

Digitally verify all your at-work drivers are legal and fully licensed for the type of vehicle they’re using at all times

Don’t let non-compliant drivers put your business at risk

And that means a lot of admin and record-keeping.

With TTC Continuum you can automate checks and rechecks according to risk and easily make sure all at-work drivers are legally licenced to drive their vehicle at all times.

The platform automatically validates licences and identifies drivers at high risk, for instance due to age, penalty points or offence history.

Then it rechecks them as often as you choose, alerting you to new points before they’re a risk to your business. You get instant, accurate results direct from the DVLA and DVANI databases, and it’s pay-as-you-go. So, you save money and only pay for the checks you use.

Digital licence scanning makes it easy for drivers to share their details securely.  And you can view overall or individual records 24/7 on Continuum’s online dashboard.

Combine licence checks with grey fleet vehicle checks and TTC Permit to Drive in Continuum for complete compliance peace of mind.

Key features

TTC Icons 58 Legal Police Legislation Conviction

Avoid Road Traffic Act fines and penalties.
Verify employees are legally entitled to drive, plus their endorsements, vehicle categories and expiry dates.

TTC Icons 41 Driver Assess Risk

Don’t let risky drivers catch you on the hop.
Monitor high-point drivers with more frequent rechecks and get instant alerts if they incur new penalties.

TTC Icons 37 Hourglass Time

Save unnecessary time on admin tasks.
We deliver DVLA checks within an average 3 seconds, reducing admin time by around 75% compared to manual checking.

TTC Icons 48 Checklist Audit Compliance

Stay in the driving seat on compliance.
Access fleet or individual compliance status 24/7 with intuitive reports, automatic alerts and expiry reminders.

TTC Icons 50 Secure Internet Data Connectivity

Guarantee personal data security.
All data is managed to the highest standards. Continuum is ISO27001 accredited and GDPR compliant.

Tell us about your driver management requirements. We are here to help, let us check your drivers and vehicles are compliant.

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Your driver licence check questions answered

Which organisations should use TTC’s driver licence check service?

All organisations employing staff who drive on company business, whether driving a company vehicle or grey fleet (the employee’s private vehicle).

What is the law around driver licence checks?

Under section 87(2) of the Road Traffic Act an employer is liable if they encourage or permit an employee to drive a vehicle of any class without the correct licence. Further liabilities exist for defective vehicles, lack of MOT and lack of business insurance. In addition, under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, all employers have a ‘duty of care’ towards their employees at work as well as other people who may be affected by their business activities.  In the case of driving, this potentially includes all road users.

How does TTC’s licence check service help employers fulfil their legal requirements?

Following completion of a driver’s online eDeclaration, our 100% accurate driving licence verification checks are automatically performed on an agreed frequency. They are also documented and auditable 24/7, providing proof your organisation meets your compliance and ‘duty of care’ requirements.

All driving licence check results are instantly recorded within the Continuum platform for each driver’s risk profile, which is another way to show you are taking risk seriously.

What does the licence checking process involve?

Once you provide us with basic driver data – such as name, birth date and email address – we’ll send all your drivers an email and link to access a secure portal.

They can either enter their licence number manually or scan it directly using their smartphone or webcam, which is even faster.

Verification data comes via a direct secure link with the DVLA (Driver Vehicle Licencing Agency) or the DVANI (Driver & Vehicle Agency Northern Ireland). The results usually come back within 3 seconds and are automatically recorded on our Continuum platform, where they can be securely viewed by either the driver or the fleet manager.

The check will highlight any issues such as the need for further engagement with the driver, proactive monthly management reporting or escalation on the platform. Drivers with multiple points, usually 6 or above, will automatically undergo an increased frequency of checks.

How does TTC’s licence checking service save my business money?

The Continuum platform automates the many tasks typically associated with performing driving licence checks, through approved digital links with the DVLA and DVANI, saving you time and money.

Our driving licence check and verification solution reduces your administration burden, providing the most comprehensive driving licence checking solution on the Uk market.

Does the system check international driving licences?

We can facilitate all EU and international driver licence checks. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

How does TTC help manage high risk drivers?

The Continuum platform allows you to manage your drivers by exception, empowering you to instantly identify drivers who represent the highest and lowest risk.

High risk drivers who accumulate penalty points are instantly reported to your attention before they become a serious threat to your business.

Continuum delivers a series of tasks, alerts and visual management dashboards to deliver the most comprehensive and accurate insights into the performance and risk of your drivers.

Can I drive in Great Britain on a non-GB licence

Yes, if you passed your driving test within the European Union or European Economic Area, you can drive any type of vehicle listed on your full and valid licence.

If your vehicle is insured in the EU, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia or Switzerland, you should carry either:

  • an insurance ‘green card’
  • other proof of insurance

To be valid, your other proof of insurance must be a document issued by the insurer of the vehicle and include the:

  • name of the insurer
  • number plate or other information to identify the vehicle, for example the vehicle identification number
  • period of insurance cover

If your vehicle is insured in a country outside the EU, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia or Switzerland, you must either:

Green cards from Belarus or Russia are not accepted in Great Britain.

If you passed your driving test in any other country (outside of GB, EU, EEA), you are only permitted to drive any type of small vehicle (for example cars or motorcycles) listed on your full and valid licence for 12 months from when you last entered Great Britain (GB).

If you’ve got a bus or lorry licence you can only drive buses or lorries that are registered outside Great Britain if you’ve actually driven the vehicle into Great Britain yourself.

All information on driving entitlement for non-GB licence holders has been provided from uner the Open Government Licence v3.0. All information is correct at the time of publishing 21/06/2024.

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